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Generative AI

Role of Generative AI in Up-scaling Businesses

Introduction Today’s competitive business environment demands innovative solutions to stay on top and be competitive. One of the best recognised technology is Generative Artificial Intelligence
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Digital Transformation Success

From Theory to Practice – Applying a Pragmatic Approach for Digital Transformation Success

Pragmatic approach towards digital transformation refers to applying a realistic and practical strategy towards achieving digital transformation efficiently
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breaking down silos

Breaking Down Silos: How Digital Transformation Breaks Down Organizational Barriers

Most organizations have various departments that work in isolation to their own goals and objectives. These isolated departments can also be referred to as the “Silos”. Silos bring about inefficient
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White Papers


How Low-Code Can Supercharge Application Development

A period of disruption and uncertainty is ahead, one that will mean taking more digital risks and adjusting to new customer behaviors and preferences. Therefore, hand-crafting your organization’s business applications is simply not an option. Coding is a largely manual and inflexible process with long lead times. Quickly spinning up a mobile application to address a new business requirement or updating an existing system for faster response time is not attainable with hand-coding.

2024 State of the IT leader

In today’s rapidly evolving technology landscape, CIOs and other IT leaders are at a crucial juncture. They’re transitioning from digital transformations to AI-powered intelligent transformations.

Introducing Secure Notes for JSM: Transforming Sensitive Data Management in HR and IT

The need for secure, reliable methods of sharing sensitive information within organizations has never been greater. IT and HR departments, in particular, face the daunting task of managing confidential data while ensuring compliance and upholding integrity.

Backup types explained: Full vs. Differential vs. Incremental

When it comes to data management, awareness of the various backup and recovery strategies is crucial. Many corporations follow strict backup practices to prevent data loss in case of accidental deletion or ransomware attacks.


Marketing Director from Stratpoint

I find the event very relevant and timely, specifically for the Philippines and likewise for global clients as well. The speed networking was a great opportunity we participated in that. It was quick, but I find it an awesome opportunity for our company specifically to talk to different delegates, not just private people from various companies, but also from representatives from the government. So, yeah, it was a good experience.

Country Manager from Outsystems

The event was very pleasant and surprised of the quality of the attendees and conversations and actually the presentations as well. I was able to speak with a couple of prospects who were quite interested in the solution we were offering, so appreciate the organizers for setting those meetings up. I think overall, again, as I said earlier, it really surprised me how good the event I was able to speak with a couple of prospects who were quite interested in the solution we were offering, so appreciate the organizers for setting those meetings up.

Security Lead from Noventiq Philippines

So I've been with a couple of events, but then again, this event really stands out. There are a lot of potential opportunities that we have gathered, and the organizers, they are very approachable and they make sure that everything is in place. With regards to the speed networking, it is very helpful for us, for those customers or those partners that we haven't interacted with earlier. With the help of one is to one we are able to pitch our solutions to them, get more information if they require something from us, and just an introduction with regards of what we're offering. For me, it's very awesome and I am looking forward for more events with Exito.

Head of Business Development - Core Products from Brankas

There's a lot of diversity in terms of the groups, in terms of the panels and I really like the topics that have been presented so far. Well, I think now is a really good time, especially since that both there's a public initiative for digital transformation to happen within the industry and within the government and then the private companies are starting to also realize the potential that technology has. So it's a good opportunity and a good time for both public and private to go through their digital transformation journey.

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