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30th Edition



From Ambition to Action: Saudi Arabia's Digital Transformation Roadmap


Digital Transformation Summit Saudi Arabia 2024

The 30th Edition of the Digital Transformation Summit, Co-located with the Saudi Manufacturing Show, is part of a global series of events which has taken place in more than 10 cities across multiple continents over the past few years.
Digital Transformation is a requisite on the corporate agenda. It is fundamentally changing how businesses operate and deliver value to customers. The agenda at the Digital Transformation Summit has been meticulously crafted to identify critical approaches needed to make informed business decisions, improve operational efficiency and drive digital culture forward.

The Summit will bring together 300+ C-Level Executives, Directors, and Heads of Technology to discuss the potential of AI, Web 3.0, IoT, Quantum Computing, Cyber Security and other 4IR technologies, revealing the insights needed to embrace impactful change now!


SAUDI ARABIA's Digital Transformation Market

$2.13 billion

Foreign Investment in Saudi Arabia’s IT Market

$6.4 billion

Investment in Tech Sector

$135.2 billion

AI Contribution to the GDP by 2030
$1.2 billion
Investment to Enhance Digital Skill of 10,000 People
$ 34.5bn
ICT Spending in the Kingdom
Kingdom's 34 million Tech Giants Under the age of 30
Government Agencies Progress in Digital Transformation in the Kingdom

Show the investors what you’ve got in the final pitch competition in San Francisco!

Startup World Cup Competition Prize Fund is $ 1,000,000

Speakers 2024

Ali Sidani

Senior Director Information Technology

Filip Nekvinda

Chief Information and Digital Officer
Abdul Latif Jameel Enterprises

Ibraheem Sheerah

Chief Transformation Officer
Saudi Airlines Holding

Fahad Almoqhim

Chief Information Officer
Saudi Accreditation Center

Mohammad AlNasser

Chief Risk Officer

Hani Baraqaan

Chief Anesthesia Technology Services
Ministry of National Guard - Health Affairs
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Akram Nour

Chief Digital Transformation
Economic Cities and Special Zones Authority

Abdullah Biary

Chief Information Security Officer
United Cooperative Assurance

Naser Al - Abeedi

Director IT Strategies and Architecture
Saudi Arabian Mining Company (MA'ADEN)

Mahmoud Bin Eid

Training Planning Director
Ministry of Communications and Information Technology
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Razan AlMazroo

Director Beneficiary Experience
Digital Government Authority
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Bander Al Shahrani

Head of Digital and Innovation at ARDARA
Public Investment Fund

Atiq Bajwa

Director Enterprise Risk Management
Saudi Arabian Military Industries (SAMI)

Sufana AlMashhadi

Director of Innovation
Saudi National Institute of Health

Kamal Farag

Digital Services Director
Human Resources Development Fund

Kamal Haddad

General Manager
ELT Solutions

Tarek Moharram

Chief Operations Officer (COO)
Tamkeen Intelligent

Sujatha Narasimhan

Cybersecurity Expert

Tariq Kawari

Director of Customer Success

Karim Rady

Enterprise Account Executive

Mohammad Ali Shalan

VP of Professional Development
Project Management Institute - KSA Chapter

Jiwei Zhang

Senior Investment Director
Pegasus Tech Ventures

Nicholas Sinnott

Head of AI Centre of Domain Expertise
BAE Systems Digital Intelligence

Steve Plimsoll

Global AI Expert
Strategic Advisor

Startup Competition Jury 2024

Enrico Milovan

Venture Building & Acceleration Head - Assistant Vice President
Public Investment Fund

Walid Mansour

Middle East Venture Partners

Mohammed Alghamdi

Director of Partner Success
Plug and Play

Mohammed Almansour

Head of VC Investment
Riyadh Valley Company

Startup Competition Jury 2024

Walid Mansour

Middle East Venture Partners

Mohammed Alghamdi

Director of Partner Success
Plug and Play

Mohammed Almansour

Head of VC Investment
Riyadh Valley Company

Why Attend ?

Learn & Grow

Elevate your professional growth with engaging discussions and collaborative workshops that are shaping the industry.

Explore the Latest Innovations in Digital Solutions

Gain valuable insights from renowned Innovation & Technology experts, including pioneers and leaders from the region, as they share real-world use cases and practical perspectives.

Collaborative Partnerships

Collaborate with industry peers to collectively shape the future collectively and exchange experiences.

Connect with Trusted Technology Partners

Connect and meet one-on-one with potential global partners who can provide tailored guidance to help you achieve your critical business objectives.

Maximized ROI

The Digital Transformation Summit is a time-saving, highly informative, accessible, and professional business platform designed for experienced technology professionals and digital experts.

DT 50

Unveiling Our definitive compilation of 50 exceptional individuals who have emerged as trailblazers, innovators, and influencers in their respective domains. These individuals have made exceptional contributions to advancing technology.

Featured Discussions

Riyadh's Path to Tomorrow with Smart City and Infrastructure
  • Riyadh's path to tomorrow integrating smart infrastructure, data-driven development, and innovative urban transformation
  • Unveiling Riyadh's Tech-Infused Future: Smart Infrastructure and Innovation in Action
  • Harnessing the Power of Emerging Technologies: Unveiling the integration of IoT, AI, and data analytics in Riyadh's urban landscape, revolutionizing services and infrastructure
  • Building Riyadh's Smart Infrastructure: Navigating the Essentials for Connectivity: Dive into the critical elements, including 5G networks and high-speed broadband, that serve as the backbone for Riyadh's smart city vision
Generative AI - Can you See the Future From Here?
  • How can automation initiate significant productivity gains and cost savings for businesses?
  • How can generative AI be used to accelerate value creation and improve productivity?
  • How should AI be used to leverage data and improve customer satisfaction and employee engagement?
  • What is the future of new forms of communication like chatbots, virtual assistants and virtual?
Smart Collaboration Unleashed - Driving Great Teamwork to Thrive Not Just Survive
  • What does successful collaboration look like and how can organizations make it smarter?
  • How to integrate collaboration technologies to enhance productivity, connectivity, and teamwork in your organization?
  • Entering the real-world: How to navigate the pitfalls and execute technology deployment successfully?
People, process and technology: three pillars of digital transformation
  • How important is it to find alignment among the people that change will affect.
  • Why is it important for all key stakeholders to be engaged and on board with the proposed changes?
  • The importance of empowering the users of any modern technology?
  • How can we understand how any modern technology fits into your end-to-end processes?
Navigating the horizon of AI Infused Customer Experience
  • How to navigate realistic timelines and pace of change when modernising technology within FS organisations?
  • What does the latest analysis of customer expectations dictate?
  • What are the key considerations around data when it comes to architecture, governance and ML/AI?
  • How to truly offer personalised and seamless CX with tailored interactions and data-driven insights?
  • How can a single platform for unified communications and CX allow for consistent messaging, seamless interactions and deeper insights?
  • How to optimise CX performance and make proactive improvements with real-time monitoring?
What are the Cyber Risks you Can't Ignore?
  • What weaponised vulnerabilities could do the most damage to your security estate?
  • What risk is being overlooked by cyber teams, but could cause a huge future problem?
  • What should be top of mind for organisations when building their cyber resilience strategy in the current business and geopolitical environment?
  • How do you foresee generative AI and quantum computing influencing the cybersecurity landscape?
  • Zero Trust approach to assume nothing & verify everything



Logistics & Supply Chain
BFSI & Fintech
Ecommerce & Retail
Pharma & Life sciences
Health & Wellness

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Emilia Clarke
I had really good conversations today with the number of delegates coming from the region and other places. Quite likely we we will consider it for the next year or your next city. The overall conversations were really good probably some of the really interesting conversations in change management and practical side of it and were really interesting.
Emilia Clarke
I would rate the overall event a 9 out of 10 because it was very strategic and focused, with a mix of decision makers and influencers in attendance. We expect to have a good number of conversions with the enterprise accounts we met, and we are looking forward to working with Exito again in the future. There is a great scope for collaboration and we appreciate the opportunity to participate in this event.
Emilia Clarke
We have thoroughly enjoyed being part of the Digital Transformation Summit, we have attended various talks and have enjoyed listening in about the importance of technology and how important it is to work with people and technology we have also had great discussions with key business leaders that we would like to reach out to and we thank the Exito team for facilitating them and thank you for having us.
Emilia Clarke
I enjoyed the event and found the delegate profiles and presentations very informative. I had productive conversations with potential customers and prospects, and I believe we will generate a decent list of leads for our company. The venue, food, and crowd were all excellent, and I had many interesting conversations and gained a lot of knowledge. We will definitely consider sponsoring DTS in the future.
Emilia Clarke
It was absolutely beyond my expectations. I've attended and sponsored many events in the past, but the kind of turnaround we've seen in this event is fabulous. We're leaving with a good number of opportunities in hand.The discussions have been good, helping us find potential areas of collaboration. These one-to-one meetings have aided networking and identifying collaboration areas. We felt it is more relevant to the portfolio we carry.
Emilia Clarke
I think it is a fabulous event. I got a chance to meet very high level people from the government sector and various industries. I think one-to-one meetings were quiet helpful for us about the customers who wanted to visit us. More than 70-80% of delegates were related to our business.These type of events are helpful for customers and vendors to communicate and give opportunity to learn on market demand and provide solutions to those customers.


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