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Digital Transformation Summit India 2024

Over the last few years, digital transformation has become a strategic priority for governments and businesses, from being a boardroom buzzword. The digital revolution is well underway in India, and the country is rapidly establishing itself as a major player in the digital economy.
With more than 500 million internet users, the country is among the leading and fastest- growing digital consumer markets. Additionally, being a vibrant start-up market allows India to foster innovation further and standardize new technologies.
India is expected to have a digital economy of $1 trillion by 2025. The IT industry contributes to nearly 8% of India’s GDP. Overall, the IT industry in India is predicted to grow at 6.8% in 2023, up from 6.3% in 2022.

The Digital Transformation Summit, now in its 25th Edition, has been carefully curated to discuss the new opportunities that lies ahead for Digital India. and will bring thought-leaders from India under one roof to share ideas and discuss initiatives ranging from Metaverse, AI, robotics, blockchain, etc. Through engaging panel discussions, insightful keynotes and immersive networking sessions, the event is sure to incite both thought and action at your organization.

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Indian Digital Transformation Market

$1 trillion

Internet economy of India by 2030

US$1.2 - 1.5 trillion

Gen AI to potentially add to India’s GDP by FY2029-30

US$ 1 trillion by 2025

Digital India’ initiative expected to boost the country’s digital economy
60-65 million jobs
Digital Economy to likely create by 2025
US$ 17.8 billion
Estimate public cloud services market growth in India
USD 1764 Billion
India Digital Transformation Market Growth
$85 billion
Digital transformation spending in India by 2026

Past Speakers

Why Attend ?

Learn & Grow

Elevate your professional growth with engaging discussions and collaborative workshops that are shaping the industry.

Explore the Latest Innovations in Digital Solutions

Gain valuable insights from renowned Innovation & Technology experts, including pioneers and leaders from the region, as they share real-world use cases and practical perspectives.

Collaborative Partnerships

Collaborate with industry peers to collectively shape the future collectively and exchange experiences.

Connect with Trusted Technology Partners

Connect and meet one-on-one with potential global partners who can provide tailored guidance to help you achieve your critical business objectives.

Maximized ROI

The Digital Transformation Summit is a time-saving, highly informative, accessible, and professional business platform designed for experienced technology professionals and digital experts.

Featured Discussions

Creating a Connected Enterprise: IoT and Industry 4.0 in the Digital Age
  • Transforming the manufacturing industry by enabling real-time data collection and analysis, predictive maintenance, and other advanced capabilities.
  • Benefits of using connected devices and sensors in manufacturing, including increased efficiency, improved product quality, and enhanced safety.
  • How can data analytics and machine learning be used to process and analyze the large amounts of data for better insights and efficiencies.
  • Securing IoT devices, networks, and data in Industry 4.0 environments.
  • How can digital twins be used for greater efficiency and reduced downtime.
5G and Digital Transformation: Accelerating India's Digital Future
  • Creating immersive experiences for customers
  • Use cases of 5G technology that can impact businesses
  • Emergence of new business models
  • 5G in building smart and sustainable cities
  • The potential of 5G to power the IoT
Web 3.0 and the Future of Internet
  • How is Web 3.0 is transforming the internet by creating a more decentralized, secure, and user-centric web?
  • How is blockchain technology enabling new forms of decentralized applications and transactions on the web.
  • How is Web 3.0 and metaverse disrupting traditional business models?
  • Enabling users to have greater ownership and control over their personal data
AI transforming the Future of India
  • How can GPT help businesses enhance their operational and customer experience?
  • Business excellence with improved decision-making
  • What are the challenges in adopting AI into the organization?
  • AI automating business processes for improved delivery
Identifying cyber vulnerabilities and Mitigating them
  • How to conduct a thorough risk assessment to identify potential cyber vulnerabilities and prioritize mitigation efforts.
  • The benefits of using automated vulnerability scanning tools and conducting regular penetration testing
  • The role of human factors, such as social engineering and insider threats, in creating cyber vulnerabilities and how to mitigate them.
  • Overview of different cybersecurity frameworks, such as NIST Cybersecurity Framework, and how they can be used to identify and mitigate cyber vulnerabilities.


Ecommerce & Retail
Logistics & Supply Chain


  • Group/CIO
  • Group/CTO
  • Group/CISO
  • Group/CDO - Chief Digital Officer
  • Group/Chief Data Scientist
  • Data Scientist
  • Head of Digital Transformation
  • Head of IT Infrastructure
  • Data Analyst
  • Innovation Team Leader
  • Head of Data Science and Analytics
  • Digital Advisors - Government sector
  • Group Head Digital Transformation
  • Head of Data Engineering
  • Head of RPA
  • RPA Lead
  • Cloud infrastructure lead
  • Procurement heads - Digital





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Senior Business Development Manager Intelegain Technologies

Our overall experience was very tremendous because we get to meet actually lot of end-to-end customers, lot of them are decision makers and the overall experience was great. Yes, it was absolutely great because the activity which we were doing was great and we were able to meet lot of people during that activity, one race to one activity that we do. Okay. We had a lot of discussions with it heads, CIOs, CFOs and CTOs, and very fruitful discussions with regards to our solutions, as well as we get to know about their current infrastructure, any future roadmap of their infrastructure.

Strategic Marketing Insight Business Machines Pvt. Ltd.

I have attended this exito summit, which was an amazing experience for me and my team. I'm jubilant and satisfied. It was really great. And the best part, which I really liked, and, and I would like to actually express my gratitude to you guys, where you have brought everyone on one platform, and we were doing like one on one interaction with everyone, and we were exchanging cards so that we don't miss out any important person. That was excellent!

Group Chief Digital And Information Officer Kalpataru Group

I think this summit clearly focused a lot on use cases where to drive business benefit. So my key takeaway is that if you look at manufacturing sector, that is one area where digital will really help the make in India story grow and help India achieve its overall revenue targets us. So if I look at the construction industry or the infrastructure industry where Kalpataru is, it has been the focus of the government to push infrastructure growth. And digital is one way where we can maximize the reach in terms of looking at the geographic or the overall population landscape.

Senior Presales Manager E42

So, hi, this is Tushar here from E 42. I basically take care of the presales and solutions for E 42. So E 40 AI is basically a no code AI platform which helps automate various processes within an organization using cognitive and NLP capabilities. So today's experience has been pretty interesting. We got to know a lot of specific set of, I would say, prospects, which would eventually, we hope, converts into some concrete use cases or solutions for us, the kind of people that came in, they were pretty like, it was a pretty targeted audience, which I think was one of the best aspects over here.

Chief Technology Officer Multi Commodity Exchange Clearing Corporation Ltd

The overall feedback from the event perspective I can say that the event is really well organized. There are lots of things happening as a dynamics of the whole digital transformation and lots of people are speakers over here presenting various aspects of the digital transformation so it's a good learning and it's I really appreciate people are thinking in the dimensions of the district transformation in various aspects so that's going to help and boost the economy in some or other way close.

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