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Role of Generative AI in Up-scaling Businesses

Introduction Today’s competitive business environment demands innovative solutions to stay on top and be competitive. One of the best recognised technology is Generative Artificial Intelligence
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From Theory to Practice – Applying a Pragmatic Approach for Digital Transformation Success

Pragmatic approach towards digital transformation refers to applying a realistic and practical strategy towards achieving digital transformation efficiently
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Breaking Down Silos: How Digital Transformation Breaks Down Organizational Barriers

Most organizations have various departments that work in isolation to their own goals and objectives. These isolated departments can also be referred to as the “Silos”. Silos bring about inefficient
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How Low-Code Can Supercharge Application Development

A period of disruption and uncertainty is ahead, one that will mean taking more digital risks and adjusting to new customer behaviors and preferences. Therefore, hand-crafting your organization’s business applications is simply not an option. Coding is a largely manual and inflexible process with long lead times. Quickly spinning up a mobile application to address a new business requirement or updating an existing system for faster response time is not attainable with hand-coding.

Our number of reservations and monthly sales increased significantly between 5% and 10% for four months through outbound centers with MiiTel

Atlas Beach Fest is the biggest entertainment center destination in Bali which was founded by PT. Kreasi Bali Prima in February 2022. Atlas provides a beach club , culinary spots, lounges and night clubs. Atlas Beach Fest is the first beach club that is 100% created and owned by Indonesians and has more than 1,000 employees from all over the archipelago.

The MOVEit Transfer vulnerability affects 40 million people worldwide

In over 600 data breaches, 40 million individuals were affected across the globe due to the MOVEit Transfer vulnerability. Between June 2023 and the present day, healthcare information, educational records, financial records, personal information, Social Security numbers, and insurance details have been either stolen or wiped out by threat actors who abused the MOVEit Transfer vulnerability.

Software Pricing in the Internet Era

Moore’s Law states that the number of transistors on a microchip doubles about every two years, though the cost of computers is halved. In layman’s terms, the computer becomes more powerful, smaller and cheaper every two years.

Human-centric AI at work: A playbook for powering your organization with AI

Artifi cial intelligence is no longer a futuristic concept; it’s the heart of today’s workplace transformation. While AI’s foundations are deeply technical, rooted in algorithms and automation, the human response to AI spans a spectrum of emotions—excitement, uncertainty, and even some fear.
This playbook, backed by a survey of over 4,500 individual contributors, middle and senior managers, and executives in the U.S. and U.K., is fi lled with insights, strategies, and actionable steps to ensure you’re not just keeping up with AI, but leading the charge.

Tokopedia Automates Incident Response and Sees Greater Engineer Accountability With PagerDuty

Indonesia technology company Tokopedia is one of Southeast Asia’s largest marketplace businesses, with 100+ million monthly active users and 9+ million merchants on the site. Tokopedia prides itself on being more than just a marketplace, offering technology that empowers millions of merchants to participate in eCommerce.

Selecting the Optimal Database for Generative AI

The fury and frenzy of AI is all around us. In just a matter of four months, we have gone from worrying about the next AI winter to fretting over AI dictating every aspect of our lives. Every day brings a new AI application that pushes the boundary of possibilities even further — we were still grappling with ChatGPT when AutoGPT and LangChain introduced new levels of automation.

Headquartered in Singapore, wholly owned by ST Telemedia, a direct, wholly-owned subsidiary of Temasek

As one of the world’s fastest-growing data centre providers, our purpose is to power a sustainable digital future; to give enterprises across industry sectors an exceptional foundation for both local and international success.

Transforming E-commerce: Harnessing the Power of Customer Digital Experience

The digital commerce industry is booming with the advancement of cutting-edge technologies. According to Forbes’ predictions, the e-commerce market is expected to reach a total of over $8.1 trillion by 2026 [1]. While consumers can access online commercial stores at their fingertips, a plethora of technologies exists to elevate their digital shopping experience to new heights.

2023 Global Customer Engagement Review

Brands embracing cross-channel customer engagement strategies see higher engagement and ROI. But as retention becomes a business-critical focus in today’s challenging market, how can your brand build stronger relationships?

Unlocking Business Potential with Indosat Business Solutions

In today’s dynamic business landscape, staying connected and harnessing the power of technology is paramount to success. Indosat Business, a trusted leader in telecommunications and digital solutions, is here to empower your enterprise with cutting-edge services tailored to your unique needs


Emilia Clarke
I had really good conversations today with the number of delegates coming from the region and other places. Quite likely we we will consider it for the next year or your next city. The overall conversations were really good probably some of the really interesting conversations in change management and practical side of it and were really interesting.
Emilia Clarke
I would rate the overall event a 9 out of 10 because it was very strategic and focused, with a mix of decision makers and influencers in attendance. We expect to have a good number of conversions with the enterprise accounts we met, and we are looking forward to working with Exito again in the future. There is a great scope for collaboration and we appreciate the opportunity to participate in this event.
Emilia Clarke
We have thoroughly enjoyed being part of the Digital Transformation Summit, we have attended various talks and have enjoyed listening in about the importance of technology and how important it is to work with people and technology we have also had great discussions with key business leaders that we would like to reach out to and we thank the Exito team for facilitating them and thank you for having us.
Emilia Clarke
I enjoyed the event and found the delegate profiles and presentations very informative. I had productive conversations with potential customers and prospects, and I believe we will generate a decent list of leads for our company. The venue, food, and crowd were all excellent, and I had many interesting conversations and gained a lot of knowledge. We will definitely consider sponsoring DTS in the future.
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